Play With Your Cat.

Even When You’re Not Home.

Introducing Kittyo – a revolutionary new product that lets you watch, speak to, play with, and record your cat when you’re away. You can even dispense treats!

With the Kittyo app and device, you can remotely:

Activate sound to attract your cat
Push button to speak to your cat
Move laser for your cat to play with
Record and share videos of your cat
Dispense your cat’s favorite treats!
Watch your cat play & exercise

It’s mind-blowing really!

As Featured In

"Where 'wow!' meets 'meow'"

− ABC News

"This is Kittyo. And it is awesome!"

− Discovery Channel

"Despite their rugged individuality, indoor cats need to satisfy their stalking instinct, keep stimulated, and get enough exercise, according to the Humane Society. Kittyo is a device that lets owners play with their cats while spying on them from afar."

− TechCrunch

"What does the internet love more than cats? App-connected devices that let you feed and entertain the furry monsters when you're out and about."

− Engadget

"Me-wow! A new device that allows pet owners to watch, play with, and even hand out treats to cats via remote control may cure pet separation anxiety once and for all."

− New York Post

Product Specifications

Because we know that cats love to knock things over, Kittyo’s sleek design can easily clamp to your shelf or attach to your wall.

Simple Setup

Download Free App

Download from Apple or Google Play Store

Connect to Wifi

Set-Up a user account with your wifi password

Have Fun!

Interact with your cat from any wifi hot spot

Keep up with Kittyo