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Frequently Asked Questions

International Orders

Does Kittyo ship internationally?
Yes we ship anywhere in the world.
Are there any import duties?
Customers are responsible for all customs duties, taxes, fees or any other charges administered by your government. These are not included in the cost of shipping or handling of your order. Please check with your local customs agency for details on estimated costs.
Does Kittyo come with my countries’ power supply?
For now, Kittyo ships with a US power supply. If your country does not use this type of plug, you will need a simple travel adapter.


What comes in the box?
The box includes your Kittyo unit, power supply, user guide, mounting plate and 3M Command™ adhesive strips.
What is the ideal place to setup my Kittyo?
Your Kittyo should be placed 3-5 feet off the ground so that your view through the app is a space open enough for your cat to play and chase the laser. Place your Kittyo unit at the edge of the surface so that the treat dispenser is facing forward.

Kittyo App

How many Kittyos can I have under my account?
There are no limitations as to how many Kittyo’s you can add to one account.
Can multiple users access the same Kittyo?
Yes – simply download the Kittyo app to the additional smartphone(s) you would like to use and enter the same Username and Password. You do not have to go through the setup process again.
Can I record photos and video?
Yes! Simply tap on the camera icon for this functionality.


Why can I only access my Kittyo when I’m on my home WiFi?
If your network is behind a firewall, your router may be blocking outside connections. If port forwarding is something you are comfortable doing on your own, simply forward TCP ports 40,000 & 40,001 and point them to your Kittyo. If you would like assistance please contact us at
Why is the indicator light on my Kittyo unit blinking red when I try to configure?
The Kittyo setup can fail if the following conditions are met:1. Wireless encryption is set to WEP2. Wireless network is hidden3. You are trying to setup the Kittyo with a 5.0 GHz network4. Wireless password is entered incorrectly.
Why is my Kittyo indicator displaying a red LED?
This red LED means your Kittyo needs to be rebooted. Unplug and plug, wait 10 seconds and plug it back in.
I just configured my Kittyo. Why is it not connecting?
For the first time connecting to your Kittyo after configuring, try cycling the power to your Kittyo unit and smartphone.1) Unplug your Kittyo unit and wait 10 seconds. Plug back in and wait until the light turns solid green.2) Restart your smartphone3) Try connecting again.4) If that doesn\’t work repeat steps 1-3 once more.
During setup, the Kittyo app does not detect my wifi.
Make sure that the network you are trying to connect to is a 2.4 GHz connection. Kittyo does not support 5 GHz wireless band.
Why does a pop-up window appear asking me for my login and password?
Before you open up the Kittyo app and start the set up process, first open your WiFi settings and make sure your home WiFi is selected.


What kind of camera is in the Kittyo?
The Kittyo is equipped with a 720p resolution camera.
Is the laser safe to use with my cats?
Kittyo contains a class 3R laser which is safe for human and animal eyes. It is the same strength laser used in hand held laser pointers sold for cats. However – avoid prolonged eye contact with the laser for both humans and animals. As an added precaution, the laser will automatically shut off after a few seconds if your finger is not actively moving it.